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Texto em portugues

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but only in 1971 I started photographing in a regular basis and with a method.
Up to 1991 I always took black and white pictures doing also, for a long time, film developing and enlarging. From
1992 on I started taking color pictures and using slide film. In the second half of 2009 I started photographing with
digital cameras. My education as a photographer was done by attending courses and workshops in different teaching institutions in Rio de Janeiro.

I prefer taking pictures with natural light or light available at location. I like documental pictures, photographing people
on their routine, the environment where they live, work and have fun. Landscapes and travel pictures are also among
my favorites. As I really enjoy the sea and do scuba-diving, I also take underwater pictures.

Through photography I'm able to express my feelings and my point of view regarding the world, people, events,
everything that surrounds us, and it also allows me to tell some stories. Photographing is something that gives me
great pleasure. Before I decide to press the button there is a search and certainly many pictures are being taken
even before that, in my imagination.

Most of the times, or maybe always, there's a little bit of the photographer in his pictures, because, by photographing
we edit a piece of reality, choosing an angle and a light. It may be a conscious and/or unconscious option. Chance
also plays an important role when we photograph without however replacing the photographer's skill, because while
we look for a certain image we might find others from unexpected facts, situations and lights. One needs to be aware. When editing the pictures we face other surprises and other options, determined not only by the images. Our points
of view will always be somehow printed on the images we show.

Pictures carry within them a magic which certainly starts in the act of photographing.

Roberto Agapio Armengol de Aquino